Experiencing the reverberation of words within you as you read can bring about feelings of relief, wellbeing, pleasure, calm, comfort, ecstasy, even a sense of falling in love. «Bibliotherapy» is the conscious encounter with a literary text which opens itself up to transformative conversations that support you as you become the author of your own story.

One-to-one sessions

A mindful, in-depth therapeutic conversation sparked by a literary text read either beforehand or during the session. I invite you to read a short text which opens up avenues for reflection and offers us threads with which we gradually weave a narrative conversation. My approach combines Narrative Therapy as founded by systemic therapists Michael White and David Epston in the 1980s and the the process of deconstruction from literary criticism in order to open conversations which in turn seek to deconstruct personal stories by identifying the discursive mechanisms that are involved in the construction of power relations and structures upon which our stories are built. This process will enable us to help you reconnect with your sense of agency in order to re-author your story in accordance with that to which you give value. It is a profoundly personal process which revolves around your own meaning making.

A space to reflect on and support your creative process. Whether you are engaged in writing stories, a play or film script, a novel, poetry or a thesis; or you are a composer, painter or sculptor; or you are involved in design or architecture, creating a choreography or developing original solutions: wherever you are at in your creative process, I hold space for you to talk freely about your work and I help you relate to your expectations and those of others, to talk about your dreams, your aims, your fears. I help you think about what might be standing in your way and to find what opens you up to allow your creativity to flow. In short: I offer you a space to look after your creative self, let creativity flow and find the greatest pleasure and fulfilment possible in the process.

Come to be listened to. This is a space developed with inspiring people in mind: teachers, lecturers, facilitators, trainers, instructors, tutors, especially (though not exclusively) those who work in creative and artistic fields. Generally referred to as ‘supervision’, I prefer to take a more decentred approach, moving away from ideas of hierarchy and authority that the role of supervisor entail. Conversations that invite you to reflect on your relationship with the people with whom you work (students, clients, groups, institutions), your resources, your relationship with your own creativity, processes and methodology, professional ethics, etc. I hold a non-judgemental, compassionate space for you to reconnect with that which inspires you so that you can in turn be an inspiration to others.

This is an exclusive space in which I share with you my experience and expertise in the practice of Narrative Bibliotherapy. This is ideal if you are looking to incorporate a Bibliotherapeutic approach to your professional practice, whether in the field of teaching or for Mental Health professionals who may be interested in using literary texts or story telling to their practice.  

One-hour conversations exclusively designed around your unique personal needs and as regularly as you need: from a one-off meeting to regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. In person in the UK or worldwide via Zoom / Skype. In English or in Spanish. All texts included.

"Our beautiful duty is to imagine that there exists a labyrinth and a thread". Jorge Luis Borges

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